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Electric car at charging station

Providing innovative software to the utilities sector

Field Service Management for EV Charger Installers

Translating business requirements into technical solutions that are tailor made for EV installation companies.

Transform the Way You Do Business and Keep Your Clients, Workers and Partners Happy

The EV installation market is in a state of continuous growth and development, and there is no better way to stay up to date with the competition, optimise processes and communicate with your mobile teams than with the FieldSolution app.


Remember that users’ primary concern is no longer “Are electric vehicles worth it?” but “Where and how easily can I find a charging station?” By taking all of your processing, reporting and messaging requirements and putting them in one, easy-to-use space that can be accessed anywhere, FieldSolution allows you to take advantage of this opportunity for growth and drive forward the expansion of the EV infrastructure – and your business’s profitability.


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Drive Profitability and Improve Service Levels with FieldSolution

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Charging battery of an electric car
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We continue to work closely with the EV installation sector to reduce the administrative burden and automate processes for workforces both in the office and in the field.

Dedicated App for EV Installers

The EV App enables the flexible collection of live data in the field as well as giving remote workers details of jobs and tasks, including bespoke workflows to complete, removing the need for paper-based work.

App Screens Display Jobs and Tasks

Back Office Planning Teams create the jobs, which are then accessed and completed via the EV App. Simple, fast and convenient with vastly reduced opportunity for human error.

Electric car charging
Charging of an electric car at home
electric car at charging station

Get Live Updates via The Planner

The daily, weekly and monthly planner acts much like a calendar, as a visual interface, with interactive elements that allow Back Office teams to access the live updates via on-screen prompts.

Access Data Immediately

Our software allows Back Office teams to plan contracts/jobs/tasks, track the live status of these activities, and get access to data as soon as it is sent back from EV installation sites.


Benefit from regular updates and new features that keep the app ahead of the curve and adaptable to your changing business needs.

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