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Providing innovative software to the utilities sector

Simplify Workforce Planning with Solution Domain 

Manage Tasks – Schedule – Distribute – Complete

The end-to-end software solution that puts the power back in your hands. Learn more about our FieldSolution app’s capabilities and how our platform continues to assist users all over the UK.

Introducing the FieldSolution App

FieldSolution is an end-to-end software platform that enables gas, electric, water, fibre, civils engineers and EV installers to have their work scheduled and distributed from a central location. FieldSolution can reduce your paper-based activities by 90%!


The FieldSolution App ensures field-based engineers receive real-time instructions, collates completion data, whether online or offline, and sends the data to the Back Office in a format that meets customer requirements, including photos, signatures and automatically completed forms.


The FieldSolution Back Office planning, tasking and administrative capability works with the mobile app, available as an Android download, enabling the setting up and completion of contracts, tracking the status of jobs down to specific tasks, as well as giving access to completion data the moment it is sent back from the field engineers. As part of the FieldSolution provision we provide a free help desk and support team, which has a proven track record over the last 3 years of ensuring a system uptime of 99.95%!

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The Benefits

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Built to Your Needs:

We believe you should be able to test software before adopting it as your management solution. The system becomes truly bespoke, being adapted to fit your requirements. That’s why we don't charge for you to use FieldSolution until approved for roll out by you.

Scalable Fees:

FieldSolution is a scalable workforce management product, designed around the size of your mobile workforce. So you can start small and pay a small licence fee (fee is per user), scaling up as your customer base, profits and FieldSolution requirements grow.

Focused on Mobile Users:

FieldSolution is designed around supporting your mobile workforce. That's why we only charge for each app licence. We don't charge for Back Office users, or the technical help, or our Service Desk support team. You can be assured that there are no hidden costs.

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Free until Roll

We want you to be happy with FieldSolution. That's why we don't charge a licence fee until the app has been rolled out to your engineers. We work with you to prepare FieldSolution in tandem with your existing management solutions, to ensure a smooth transition.

No Charge for Version Updates:

FieldSolution licences cover all future Back Office and app versions; we don’t charge extra for regular updates. We keep the software current, in line with industry improvements, including ensuring compliance with the latest Information Security standards (ISO 27001). Only bespoke change requests attract a cost.

Your Enterprise Resource Platform:

FieldSolution is a system built from the ground up to accommodate wider business requirements, and can work with a variety of different software solutions (e.g. finance, asset, fleet management etc.). If you are looking at using FieldSolution as your Enterprise Resource Platform in future, it is quickly adaptable to work with other areas of your business.

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